Jackpot 6000 Slots: It’s Easy to Win

Jackpot 6000 is an easy game to play, compared to other online slot machine games. Its simplicity is its strength. Players can focus on the basics of the game and ensure their efforts are focused on winning the winning combination.pgเว็บใหม่

The classic slot machine is a well-known and loved casino game. Online slots are easy to use and very popular because they don’t require any stress. This game is great for relaxing and reenergizing, as it doesn’t have the same tension that you feel in more complicated games.

The slots games can be heard in both a land-based or virtual casino environment. Jackpot 6000 slots makes the experience seem hyper-realistic with the use of music, sound effects and tone cues. The most pleasing sound for slot players is the cheery shrill when a winning combination appears. Ka-ching! Jackpot is the universal sound.

This slot game is named after the maximum jackpot prize of 6,000 dollars. It features a 3-reel, 5-payline system. In a regular slot game, a player can win no less than 2 coins per spin. Players can win an additional 4 coins per spin if they reach the Supermeter mode.

The ultimate jackpot prize is won by three Joker symbols appearing in an active horizontal line. As well, other symbols like stars, cherries and grapes, as well as lemons, have similar values.

There are no frills like scatter and wild symbols or game-within a-game modes. It does have special features that can increase a player’s chances of winning by combining strategy, effort and luck.

Seven principal buttons The game offers seven buttons that the player can choose from to improve his game.


  • Bet: Place bets based on the level of the player, starting at 1-10 coins
  • Spin: After a winning spin, you can either spin the reels or go Supermeter.
  • Maximal Bet: Place a maximum of 10 coins and then spin
  • Heads: Place a bet on the heads to win double your winnings
  • Tails: Place a bet on tails for double chances of winning
  • Transfer: Double the winnings to win 20 coins
  • Collect: Receive winning payouts and continue playing.


Gamble Feature: The Gamble feature activates when a player has a winning combination. The player can place a bet on either heads or tails. The winning amount will be doubled if it is a lucky wager.

A Supermeter Mode Jackpot Bonus feature is available that players can choose to ignore or use. A player can have another spin in Supermeter mode after a winning spin. The minimum bet in this round is 20 coins per spin. However, the winning value will also be multiplied. You can choose to opt out of this feature and go back to the regular mode.

Random Prize Bonus One Joker may be funny, but two lucky Jokers can win. This guy gives the Jackpot 6000 slot player a random bonus prize, which can range from 10 to 6 000 coins.